Jeremy Turpin is a professional saxophonist from France who plays multiple instruments. Although his heart belongs to the saxophone, he can also make a bass/double bass groove, play a decent tune on the trumpet, and sing while accompanying himself on the guitar. Born in 1984, he started learning music as a child and since then has continiously explored different musical styles: from african music to reggae, gipsy jazz to afrobeat, funk to psychedelic rock...

He has a degree from Lyon II University (Lyon, France) in music instruction, which has led him to work as a music teacher in primary schools as well as conducting weekly music therapy workshops in psychiatric hospitals and clinics for the last five years.

As a saxophonist, he often has several projects on the go, and has performed on stage in many bands as well as collaborating on a regular basis with DJs for weddings.

As a singer, he founded a Doors tribute band for which he had great fun channelling Jim Morrison, and has sung in several jazz bands.




Afro-Soul (Lyon, FR) - Baritone sax

Electric Mamba is forged of the strong, complementary alloy of its constituent musicians - and their shared passion for that flavoursome seventies African sound. The convergence of their musical tastes results in a cinematic repertoire - from frenetic rythms to electric trances and spellbinding melodies.


Gypsy jazz (Lyon, FR) - Tenor sax


Magnetic jazz (Lyon,FR) - Tenor sax

A fusion of elements: air flowing through the saxophone, the resonating metal of the vibraphone, the earthy wood of the double bass, mixed with the warm tone of the percussion and the magnetic wave of the electronic sounds... makes for mutant and hybrid music, an enchanting magnetic jazz journey.


Psychedelic Afro Rock (Lyon, FR) - Baritone sax

Self-proclaimed afro-rockers, Electric Safari is a group of musicians hailing from diverse musical backgrounds. Partisans of the DIY way of working, Electric Safari's first two EPs were recorded in their rehearsal space and self-produced. Their first album, enigmatically titled Morosphinx, is for the most part instrumental.


Performing wih DJs for cocktails - Alto sax


Poetic songs - Acoustic folk bass

The music starts and it is the beginning of a journey. Polyphonies, aerial guitar and earthy bass intertwine and blend together, punctuated by precise and delicate percussions! Covers and compositions swirl, soaring or electric, melancholic or dancing, poetic and warm ...

This quartet delivers quality and dynamic gyspsy jazz for private events. A tight rythm guitar, a groovy double bass, a solo guitar that creates charming melodies and a mindblowing saxophone ... a perfect recipe to give your crowd the swing they deserve!

Booking a saxophonist to play along with the DJ will add that special groovy and classy touch to your wedding celebration. Whatever your favorite music style is, this versatile musician will enhance the track to bring it to a higher ground!